Japanese Restaurant MATSUNOYA


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Japanese Restaurant Matsunoya Cebu branch is packed with our desire to our guest's enjoying Japanese taste and Japanese drink in our Izakaya style space like nostalgic. I have two recommendation menu. One of them is fresh fish. We manage all fish thoroughly. Like in Japan, we offer very fresh sashimi and very tasty sushi with confidence. And another recommendation menu, Matsunoya’s specialty, is ”Chandon”. Chandon is Matsunoya's original noodle. In the Philippines, you can eat it Only at Matsunoya. As the noodle, We use a very hard to obtain famous rare noodle "Goto Udon" from Nagasaki prefecture in Japan, and we carry it to Cebu. About the soup, it is original blend from stock of chicken bone, pork bone, various seafoods. Many kind food ingredients is on its top like "Chanpon" which is famous noodle food in Nagasaki. We are careful in not only noodle but also soup, ingredients, and everything for Chandon. Please come here and taste our authentic Japanese foods.



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There are various people in Cebu. They may have various reasons and period why being here, such as vacation, sightseeing, studying, work, short-term stay, long stay, and so on. Japanese Restaurant Matsunoya Cebu branch is the best authentic Japanese restaurant in Cebu that can fulfill everyone's request in Cebu. “I want to drink alone tonight,” “I want someone to talk with,” ”I want a place to enjoy with classmate or coworkers”, “I would like to know the tourist's recommended spots”, “I want to hold a party with a large number of people”, “I want to eat vegetables safely”, “I miss the Japanese food”. I hope Matsunoya to be a good place to satisfy such Cebu's people. We offer Japanese taste in Japanese space with Japanese quality hospitality. Please come here and enjoy foods and drinks. We are waiting for your coming here, see you at Matsunoya.