Store -店内-


SM Seaside City, one of the largest malls in the Philippines. Near the symbolic object “Cube”, there is our Izakaya Japanese restaurant.
The interior of the restaurant, with its high ceiling and floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the sea, and the modern Japanese-style space, provides a feelings as if you were in Japan.
In the restaurant, you are always welcome warmly by our staff with perfect smile and hospitality like when you are in Japan. Please relax as if you are in your home. We are confident that you are satisfied to our selected foods and drinks.
味にこだわりを持った自慢の板前と笑顔が自慢のスタッフがお客様を暖かくお出迎え。ごゆっくりおくつろぎ下さい。 自慢の料理と選び抜かれたお飲み物で、お客様からも自然と笑顔がこぼれることでしょう。


The dining table seat of all 47 seats is the best seat where you can enjoy the interior decoration that inspired from the festival venue. Around Yagura tower at the center of the dining area, each seat have space, making it a space where you can spend special time talking with your fellows. Sea-viewing table is the most popular seat.


There are 37 dining table seats in mezzanine area. 8 tables are prepared for 4-5 pax each, but you can also use it by connecting with up to 5 tables. We can correspond to various large and small parties such as welcome reception party, birthday party, family gathering and so on. You can charter whole mezzanine area according to the number of guests. Please ask our staff by phone when you want to charter. From the seats of the mezzanine, you can see whole of the dining area. It is a very nice view seat.


The semi-private room of all 38 seats is a digging tatami (squat) style. 6 tables are prepared for 4-6 pax each, but you can also use it by connecting. And you can reserve half part of the room if over 10 persons, and also can reserve whole seats of the room if over 25 persons. It is a VIP seat that you do not need to care about the surrounding gaze and chatting.


The counter seat of all 14 seats is a place where you can relax with wide space under many good interiors, specially Japanese lantern “Chochin”. You can spend your time even if alone.